Factory to Foundation

This is where we get to put all the pieces together. Give us your cargo, an origin and a destination and let us look after it. Whether shipping by road, rail, or water we can deliver a solution that will save you money, and more importantly, time. 


Engineering is the backbone of everything we do. From a simple rail clearance drawing to complex lift or lashing plans we look after the details ahead of time so that our crews in the field can focus on execution and not on playing catch-up.

Rail Shunting and Distribution Facilities

With a team of qualified operators and a small fleet of powerful mobile rail car movers we can manage shunting or transload services in established yards/logistics centres or remote project sites with high volumes of rail cargo.

Special Projects/Construction

Our team has shipped million pound bridges on side-by-side railcars, closed down a highway overnight to install a temporary rail line, and delivered a portable unloading ramp, for light rail vehicles, to the middle of a congested job site on specially designed rail carts.   Put our team to work on your innovative transport project.  

Heavy Lift and Rigging

When others outsource we prefer to execute! 

With self propelled trailers, hydraulic gantries, skidding systems, and the skilled personnel to operate them; we’re setup to offer a “Factory to Foundation” solution for your heavy-lift cargo.

Load out Execution and Cargo Securement 

It doesn’t matter if we are loading steel plate, mobile cranes on flat cars, or positioning 300 ton transformers within millimeters of critical clearance dimensions.  We load it and secure it right the first time to get your cargo moving safely.



Western Dimensional is a specialized transportation and logistics company based in Ontario, Canada.

We are railroaders, truckers, engineers, and operators with decades of experience in the transportation and heavy lift industries.  We provide innovative “rail first” solutions for transporting heavy lift and project cargo throughout North America.    



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Pierre Leblanc

Director of Rail Services


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Engineering and Project Manager