Recent Projects

Expansion Components for Shiploading Facility


Western Dimensional coordinated and executed the transport of 25 major components from various locations to a shiploading facility in on the West Coast of Canada.  Operations included rail transport, jacking and weighting, SPMT Transport, RORO Operations, and on-site transport. 


  • Rail transport of components measuring up to 150 ft x 30'x 20'.

  • SPMT Transport and barge RORO operations of components up to 250 Tonnes.

  • Transport engineering.

  • Supply of module stands, and transport beams



  • 26 axle lines of Goldhofer PST SL-E SPMT c/w two power packs

  • RK 330 mobile railcar mover

  • Jacking and weighing equipment

  • 12-axle heavy duty railcars

  • 10.5 m RORO ramps


Crusher Shells to Quebec Gold Mine


Western Dimensional engineered and executed the transport of two 180 ton crusher shells from a port on the St. Lawrence Seaway to a remote gold mine in Quebec.


  • Rail transport of two 180 ton crusher shell segments.

  • Transfer from railcar to road transporter using an 800-ton hydraulic gantry.

  • Road transport from rail siding to mine.

  • Transport engineering.

  • Design and fabrication of specialized set of turning beams.  



Light Rail Vehicles from Ontario to Alberta


Western Dimensional was responsible for the delivery of 26 LRVs from Ontario to Alberta.


  • Supply of specialty railcar equipped with retractable extensions, wheel chocks, and lashing points.

  • Roll-On loading using dual-winch system and portable loading ramp.

  • Rail transport from Ontario to Alberta.

  • Transfer from railcar to specially equipped hydraulic platform trailer.

  • Road transport to maintenance and storage facility.

  • roll-off offload using portable ramp.


Girder Transport for Rapid Bridge Replacement in Toronto


Western Dimensional transported 16 bridge spans as part of a rapid bridge replacement in Toronto, ON.  


  • Design of a specialized bolster system used  for carrying single girders on two separate heavy duty railcars.

  • Rail transport of new and old spans between bridge site and staging area using mobile railcar movers.


Runner Transport in Labrador


Western Dimensional completed delivery of an 85 tonne runner from Saint John, NB to Churchill Falls, NL.  


  • Rail transport from the Port of Saint John to Labrador in our perimeter frame railcar.

  • Design and fabrication of a custom hub allowing the runner to turned and transported in the vertical position.

  • Road transport from the nearest rail siding to site and positioning for unloading in the power bay.


Transport of 20 transformers in Manitoba


Western Dimensional completed delivery of 20 transformers, weighing 250 tonnes each, to two job sites in Manitoba. 


  • Rail transport from the ports of Thunder Bay and Houston to job sites near in southern and northern Manitoba.

  • Installation of temporary railway tracks, crossing a highway, used to move railcars in and out of the job site.

  • Rough set to pad on site using self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) and skidding systems.


Relocation of three C02 tanks in Southwestern Ontario


Western Dimensional removed three CO2 tanks from an operational facility and installed them on their new foundations. 


  • Removal from existing foundation using skidding system and load-out and securing on heavy-duty railcars.

  • Lashing and rail transport to new site.

  • Installation on new foundations using a jacking system, SPMTs, and a 600 ton crane.